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With respect to reliability, passion, and willingness to do so,
“Dongilcne" will be recognized as the company that is recognized by the company.

Since its inception in 1980, Dongilcne has become the only professional company in the country to offer a complete one-stop service for environmental pollution prevention and manufacturing.

Based on the accumulated technology in the air pollution prevention facilities, ECS system and PFCs system and the various kinds of gas purification equipment, including the semiconductor, display, scrubber and gas Plant, and are currently supplied to major global companies such as semiconductors, displays, and chemicals.

In addition, high performance composite materials, such as those with the sole purpose of securing composite and winding composite materials, are widely used throughout the entire industries, including automobiles, ships, construction, civil engineering, construction, and chemical industries.

In particular, the GRP pipe in Dongilcne is recognized for its certification of FM 1614(Fiber Reinforced Composite(FRC) Pipe and Fittings for Underground Fire Protection Service), and its excellence in piping markets, such as plant and desalination plants and chemical plants and chemical plants.

Based on the accumulated technology and know-how, Dongilcne aims to advance into the global market and become the world's leading global player.

We will strive to be trusted by the customer, with trust, passion, superior technology, and reliable quality.

Thank you.

CEO Kyu Young, Jung

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